Following on from part 1, we continue to look at social media for therapist websites and in this post we focus on the actual social media platforms themselves, which are useful and which to avoid.

What Social Media Platforms Work Best for a Therapist Website?

There are a huge variety of social media available, not all are going to be useful to you. Below, I have listed those which will be of most use to your practice and why.
Facebook for Therapist Websites
The biggest social network is also the most suitable and potentially beneficial for therapist practices. The reason is that with Facebook, you are likely to have a good reach towards your main client demographic(s). Facebook is used by a large percentage of the population with a wide variety of ages and this is a key factor. In addition, Facebook allows you to easily share a mix of content from images to video to text based posts. Finally, Facebook has geared itself towards being useful for local businesses through the use of Facebook Pages and the associated features. Every therapist practice should have at least a Facebook Page, even if they do no other social media.

Youtube for Therapist Websites

Youtube is the biggest video website in the world. Video is seen as a leading method of engaging with people and so therapists should take the time to create useful and/or interesting videos whenever possible. These can easily be shared across other platforms too which makes them all the more powerful. A therapist practice does not need to engage big expensive video production companies to create a good youtube video. A simple thought for the day video created in a well lit room in your practice can be extremely effective when done with even just a little effort.
LinkedIn for Therapist Websites
LinkedIn tends to be the most popular social media for therapists. This is likely due to the fact that it is seen as the social network for professionals. Depending on your target demographic, you may find LinkedIn to be extremely useful or extremely poor for gaining clients. However, it is definitely useful for engaging with peers, keeping up with the latest information, trends and ideas and this can be useful for a variety of reasons.

Instagram for Therapist Websites

There is not a lot to say about Instagram for therapist websites but it is excellent for engaging with the younger age group of 15-30 year olds. If your clients are in this age group then you really should aim to engage with them on Instagram. This can be through short videos or more likely, though uplifting and inspiring quotes and messages which can be made more attractive through placing them on nice pictures – Instagram is THE social media site for images.
Google + for Therapist Websites
Google + is not an extremely popular social network but it does belong to Google which means it is important to engage here, if only for SEO purposes. Your activity here can even be limited to just posting content you have shared on other platforms or posting snippets of your blog posts with links from there to the full post. This is seen positively by Google and this is reason enough to engage there.

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