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ow that you have your website created, added your images, content, videos and made sure that you have included all the necessary information, the focus shifts to getting people on to your site and crucially, to getting them booking your services. You will no doubt have heard lots of information, ideas, suggestions, advice and theories about the best way to do this but what you really need to know is, what works and why does it work. SEO is complex and can be very specific in the way we do it for psychotherapist websites.
In this piece, we are going to outline some of the crucial steps that are necessary for every website to be seen by Google. What we mean by that is of course to get the site showing up in search results when people you require your service are searching there. Needless to say, other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo will also start showing your site but the vast majority of people use Google and so that is the benchmark we use. Let’s get started…

What Does Google Want From You?

I want to begin here by stating that Google wants to show people your site. If you offer a service which is needed by people in your area, if you are a reliable company, if you are an expert in your field, then Google wants people in your area to find you in their search results. This is a fact that is often missed by site owners and people who specialize in search engine optimization (SEO). Google’s mission statement is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Ever since its beginnings, the company has focused on maximizing its effectiveness. Google continues to focus on ensuring that people access the information they need. When it comes to someone looking for a psychotherapist in your area, they need to access your information and Google wants to show it to them. However, Google is essentially “just a robot” so it has to have a way to decide which of the 5(0!)(0!!) therapists in your city, state, and even country, should be seen on the first page or in the first position when someone near you searches for your services. What Google wants you to do is to simply show it how good you are, why should you get to be on the first page?

Why should you get to be on the first page?

You have probably heard lots being spoken about keywords, backlinks, social media, reviews and similar jargon from people who work in online marketing. While these are undoubtedly important aspects of how Google decides on its rankings, the fact of the matter is that Google wants the best match to be shown for whatever is being searched for. In the case of local businesses like therapists, this means they want to show the businesses which are the best, most expert and most qualified to meet the needs of the person searching.

To ensure that your site is seen in this way by Google, it is vital that your page content reflects these attributes and this is done by ensuring there is always fresh, relevant content being added to the site. In addition, proper management of the site’s online reputation is of paramount importance, namely, being active in social media, having clients leave reviews and having your “fresh relevant content” acknowledged by other sites through links to it being created. So you see, the jargon mentioned in the first line should mainly be a result of your site’s genuine expertise, not a falsified inaccurate campaign by a marketer who thinks they can “outsmart” one of the biggest companies in the world!

The creation of fresh content and management of the company’s online reputation are the two key areas of ensuring a therapist’s website shows up in search results in their locality.

Fresh content and online reputation management

he creation of fresh content and management of the company’s online reputation are the two key areas of ensuring a therapist’s website shows up in search results in their locality. These areas are made up of a number of components which we will outline below:

Fresh and relevant content

  • Blogging and resource pages: Creating good text content which is unique, relevant and regularly updated is a fantastic way to get your site noticed.
  • Videos content: Video has become a hugely important way in which people learn and receive the information they are looking for. Google recognizes this and as Google owns the largest video sharing site in the world, they know exactly who produces the best video content.
  • Images and graphics: Today people consume information through headlines, images and graphics as a quick way to get the information they seek. Google has worked on how it interprets images for the past number of years and through well managed website coding, Google can “see” what an image is related to.

Online Reputation Management

  • Social media: Social media has become a huge factor in how people decide what businesses to choose and Google has harnessed this too. From Tweets to Business Pages, forum comments to third party blogs, Google sees what people say about your business all over the internet.
  • Review Sites: There are hundreds of review sites where anyone can review any company. Yelp, Angie’s List, Trustpilot and Trip Advisor are just a couple of the more well known review sites. Positive reviews on these are not just noticed by people, Google too sees these and assesses them. Google even has its own review platform which is Google My Business and is specifically aimed at local businesses.

So there you have it, these are the key areas a successful therapist website needs to focus on to ensure Google will notice it. As you may have guessed, these things take time to work on each month which is why successful site owners tend to hire people to ensure the work is done expertly and consistently.

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