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How to Market a Therapist Website

by | Nov 25, 2017

For many therapists, marketing is a dirty word or something that they don’t want to do. However, this is a misnomer when it comes to what it actually means.

When it comes to marketing a personal service like this, it needs to be seen for what it actually is – ensuring people reach the service they actually need, rather than getting lost in all of the self-help nonsense created by people who really just want to make a quick buck. That is how we at Imagias see the marketing we do for our clients and we make no apology for it – we want people to reach our clients to get the help they need.

Who do you want to see your site?

This really is a crucial question to ask yourself as you begin marketing. When I ask people this question, the majority of people say things like “everyone” or “as many people as possible”. However, this is actually not true. Do you really want people who live 1,000 miles away to start calling you for an appointment only for you to disappoint them as you are not in their locality? Do you want people who are looking for services you do not offer to contact you? Do you want people who are not prepared to pay for your services to be trying to get your services for free?

When it comes to getting visitors to the site of a local business, it is vital that all aspects of the site are geared towards the right people and that steps are taken to ensure that the right people (or qualified leads to use the marketing term) find the site.

The answer to all those scenarios is of course, NO! What you want are people who are actually potential clients to get to your site. For most therapists, this means those in a certain local area, looking for certain services and who are in a position to pay the going rate for your services. Now that I have explained it, I am sure you believe that this is stating the obvious but the reality is that many site owners get disappointed if their site does not get thousands of visitors per month as they have read that more visitors equals more success. This is not strictly true of any website and almost never true of a therapist website. When it comes to getting visitors to the site of a local business, it is vital that all aspects of the site are geared towards the right people and that steps are taken to ensure that the right people (or qualified leads to use the marketing term) find the site.

Take a moment to think about your target clients. What is their demographic, gender, age, location, need, what do they value in a service? How competitive are you on price and how does that make a difference to those you target?

What do people see when they reach your site?

I know, this does not seem to be relevant to a piece about marketing but in actual fact, it is a crucial thing to inspect before proceeding with any marketing campaign. The reason is that if your site is not done well, no amount of marketing will actually result in visitors becoming clients. So, before you begin, make sure you check out our page The Top 5 Requirements for a Therapist Website to get a better understanding of how your website layout is completely intertwined with a successful marketing campaign.

Best Marketing Techniques for a Therapist Website

Below I am going to name and explain some of the best marketing techniques for a therapist website. You may already know about some or all of them but what is key in marketing is application. Very often, a new client will tell me that they already do a lot of what I am suggesting but on further inspection, what they did was apply the method for a week or as a once off before they got too busy with other things.

Relational Marketing

Relational marketing can be extremely effective and particularly cost effective. In this digital age, relational marketing has taken on new meanings. Relational marketing and the building of the relationship between clients and therapists does not always need to be face to face or even one-to-one! The advent of social media allows you to communicate directly with your clients on an ongoing and even daily basis. In this way, your clients and potential clients can be reached en masse with a little effort and creativity going a very long way.

Referral Marketing

Everyone knows that a referral from a happy client is the holy grail of marketing. In some ways, it is difficult to control this but of course giving a great service, showing you care and being relational will help.

Thanks to Review Websites, referrals can now happen between people who have never even met! This was never shown better than when a fictional restaurant in London blagged its way onto the first page of Trip Advisor and began to receive hundreds of booking requests! (Read the full story here).

Sharing your expertise

This is something that scares a lot of business owners but is an extremely easy to do and worthwhile process. You can do this in a variety of ways both online and offline and both are useful to do.

How does it work?

Offline – Find opportunities where you can engage with people and give some help to them. Examples of opportunities could be in schools, parent groups, community groups, gyms etc. Anywhere where groups of people meet is a possibility. Offering to lead a group of people in a short helpful session will almost always be welcomed by an organization. It can be made clear at the beginning that the session is group oriented and for more focused sessions, a one-to-one appointment should be made. What you are doing (as well as helping people for free/small fee) is engaging with a number of people and showcasing your ability in the hope that anyone present who needs your services then feels confident to contact you for an appointment.

Online – Guest posting on the blogs of others or doing a Q and A video for a specialist website are two of the most popular ways of sharing your expertise with others online. These can be extremely effective in gaining a better online reputation and can even lead to paid opportunities when you do them well.

So there you have it, these are some worthwhile ways to grow a successful therapist practice. As you may have guessed, these things take time to work on each month which is why successful practices tend to hire people to ensure the work is done expertly and consistently when they can.

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