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Like all great ideas, Imagias was born from necessity.

While working as a psychotherapist, I saw many of my colleagues and contemporaries struggle with websites, online marketing and social media. With my background as a software engineer, these areas which are so vital to a successful practice came naturally to me and I excelled at.
Looking at the options available to therapists, I saw that nobody was actually offering what was required. Some offered nice sites but no follow through on development, others offered some form of marketing without the required knowledge of the industry while still others offered sites which did not comply with HIPAA requirements. With all of these in mind, I set up Imagias to deliver on all of these key components which are not only important but vital to a successful practice in today’s competitive world.

The Imagias Difference

Imagias is a complete service for therapists by therapists. From the design concepts to the marketing, the HIPAA compliant secure email systems and forms as well as engaging social media management, Imagias covers all aspects of running a successful therapist website. Combining the expertise of therapists with excellence in SEO and online marketing, we truly believe in our product and work to ensure the success of your website.

The other main difficulty I saw for therapists was the issue of cost. When starting out or growing a practice, money can be tight and there is a real need for the online solution to be cost effective without sacrificing quality.

The Imagias solution is to create and manage sites for a low monthly fee, rather than a large initial cost. This ensures easier cash flow management for our clients as well as ensuring the site is set up, marketed and working for the client as quickly as possible.

Customer Care and Support

From my background as a therapist, I have kept the key values I had with my clients. Reliability, clarity, prompt support and outstanding customer relations are not just words but are actually core principles in how I deal with people. All our clients experience the ease of working with one site designer from start to finish who really gets to know you and your business as well as your aspirations and goals. With this important and ongoing relationship, you can always be assured that your site and marketing are in good hands and in full compliance with your requirements. We understand the importance of clear communication and strive to both ensure our communication is clear with you and that what your site communicates to your clients reflects your ethos and dedication to your clients.


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